Rosemarie Beck, New York Figurative Painter

ROSEMARIE BECK, 1923 - 2003

The Tempest: Prospero, Miranda and Ariel, 1976, oil on linen, 40 x 50, private collection

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"Rosemarie Beck’s work was first and foremost formal. Always forming, constantly composing, she respected the whole.  Every stroke or spot changed and challenged what had gone before. Choosing as themes the great classical narratives, she remade them as contemporary dramas of color and light." Martha Hayden, Rosemarie Beck Foundation  
"Her grasp of “everything moving to and through everything” has enabled her to orchestrate large and spatially complex compositions while keeping a vitality of stroke and play of light rippling over the entire surface.  In this way she has become one of the few painters of our time to treat grand themes in ambitious multifigure compositions while satisfying a need both for abstract structure and for an execution that embodies energy without being gratuitous." Martica Sawin, Never Form but Forming, Catalog, Rosemarie Beck, Paintings 1965-2001 

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